Being a recent convert in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (otherwise known as the Mormon Church) isn’t easy. Many people struggling with fitting in, feeling comfortable, and even question why they joined in the first place.

Well friends, we’re here to chat about your conversion. Kwaku first mentions that it’s likely especially difficult for people who have never been religious in their life and then join Mormonism since they’re suddenly expected to attend regularly, participate in different function, contribute time and talents, etc. It’s a big change from being non-religious to joining a religion with so many expectations.

But in the end, Kwaku and David talk about the importance of joining for the right reasons and then remembering why you joined in the first place. Don’t think so much about the culture of the Church, the incorrect doctrines some people might say, etc. Think about the spirit you felt when you joined. Keep reading the Book of Mormon and saying your prayers. It’ll work out.


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