Today we have Jimmy on the show to talk about his conversion story. Jimmy recently joined the Mormon Church despite some major difficulties, which you’ll hear about in the episode 🙂 We had the BEST time filming with him and are ever inspired by his story. We know you’ll be inspired too!

Jimmy was raised Catholic and became disillusioned with his religion. He lost his believe in God and for a few years, was scrutinized for his lack of belief. He was in an awful depression that led to thoughts of suicide. However, by God’s hand, Jimmy eventually found the LDS Church and was baptized, despite disapproval from his family.
Jimmy says to the audience, “If I could tell anyone who is considering joining the Church anything it’s this: If you’re scared because of how your parents or your friends may react and you go through with it, don’t give up on them.”

Check out his full conversion story! Do you have a similar story? Let us know in the comments below!


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