You’re invited to the first annual Saints Unscripted Digital Scavenger Hunt!!

Each week for 3 weeks, a quiz will be released on our Instagram account. Each quiz contains riddles, trivia questions, and more. Each question is assigned a point value which will add up to determine the winners of the challenge.

The top 5 scorers will receive a journal edition of the Book of Mormon and a Saints Unscripted t-shirt.

The challenge is from February 14th – March 7th with new questions being released each Tuesday.


  • You do not have to complete all challenges.
  • You are allowed to use any resources at your disposal for help, but you may not share answers with others.
  • You must submit your forms by March 7th, 2023.

Bonus Information: We will be releasing a few additional questions here and there throughout the challenge on our Instagram account so be sure to follow us on Instagram!