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How Educated Was Joseph Smith?

Hey guys! So Joseph Smith claimed that the Book of Mormon was scripture, translated by the gift and power of God. Of course, not everyone believed him, and in the last episode, we looked at how alternative theories about the origin of the...

What Is a Spirit?

Hey guys, so Latter-day Saints believe that your spirit is the part of you that existed before mortal birth, the part that now exists within your physical body, and the part that will continue to exist after your physical body dies. But...

Is It Possible to See God and Live?

  Hey guys, so when Joseph Smith was a teenager he approached God in prayer, seeking forgiveness for his sins and wisdom regarding which church he should join. In response to his prayer, Joseph claimed that God the Father and Jesus...

Are Satan and Jesus BROTHERS??!!

  Hey guys, so Latter-day Saints believe that ALL of the spirit children of God—you, me, and billions of others—are all spirit brothers and sisters. We believe that Jesus Christ, who is perfect and a divine member of the Godhead, is...