Faith and Beliefs

Hey guys. I’ve got good news and bad news. We’ll start with the bad: This is officially the last Faith and Beliefs video. This is the end. Let’s talk about it.

Almost 6 years ago, we started a new segment of Saints Unscripted called Faith and Beliefs. The intent was to create some really short, simple, and engaging videos that explained basic Latter-day Saint beliefs and responded to some of the common criticisms that Latter-day Saints face today. Looking back five years later… I think we’ve done that. 

It has been my great privilege and honor to travel with you on this journey through Latter-day Saints history and beyond, but as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end.

Now, why is this happening? Well, that’s the good news: Faith and Beliefs is getting its own stand-alone YouTube channel. 

If you’ve been a fan of the Faith and Beliefs videos up to this point, you are officially part of our OG audience, and we’re hoping that you will continue to engage with our content on our new channel, Keystone. The channel is already up and running. We’ve already posted a few new videos for you to check out. We’ll have more for you tomorrow. 

Nothing is changing about the content of these videos. For better or worse, you’re still stuck with me as the host of Keystone. You’re still stuck with Taylor Yorgason, our video editor, who I’m sure will continue to try his best to sneak in hidden references to the Jedi Temple wherever he can. On this new channel, we’ll still be doing deep dives into Latter-day Saint history and doctrine. And, of course, we’re still going to be talking about tough questions. Those videos are going to be the meat and potatoes of Keystone.

In addition to that: In the past, you’ve probably seen many of the interviews we’ve done with leading Latter-day Saint scholars on Saints Unscripted. From now on, future scholar interviews will be published on Keystone. 

And in addition to continuing to talk a whole lot about the past, on Keystone we’re also going to emphasize talking about the present. We’re going to jump in headfirst and do better about being part of current conversations on current issues. 

Now, you might be wondering, what is going to happen to the 200+ Faith and Beliefs episodes we’ve already published on Saints Unscripted? Nothing. They are going to stay put and still be accessible on Saints Unscripted. That said, it’s very likely that every so often, we will take some of our old videos and update, remaster, re-film, re-edit them, and publish them as new videos on Keystone. Personally, I’m really excited about that. If you go back to our first videos and compare them to our latest videos, it will become painfully apparent how far we’ve come over the last several years, so I’m really excited to revisit some of my favorite topics and give them another chance to shine. 

As we’ve aimed to do in these Faith and Beliefs videos, on Keystone, we want to fortify your faith and combat misinformation through good old-fashioned research presented in an easily-understable, respectful, and engaging way.

All of this to say, I would personally really appreciate your support and engagement on Keystone. Here’s our Instagram account. Here’s our Facebook page. Here’s our TikTok account. Here’s our Discord server. We’re also going to be posting content to our new Keystone podcast. All of the links are in the description. But if you do nothing else, most importantly, here’s our YouTube channel. If you want to keep seeing these Faith and Beliefs style videos, go subscribe to Keystone. I love you guys. It’s been a pleasure. I’ll see you on the new channel.

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