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Justin has been a member of 3 Mormons for awhile now and has been a member of the LDS Church for even longer 😉 In this episode, Justin talks about his conversion story. In the Mormon Church, we often refer to being ‘converted’ as something only for people who weren’t members of the church before. However, anyone who claims to believe a certain religion must first know if it is true for their self. They must come to an understanding, no matter how many years they’ve been in the religion.

Justin talks about how he grew up in a Mormon family (both of his parents were mormon as well as his siblings) but yet he still had to experience what was true and what was false. He had to decide if each of the things he was claiming were right were truly right. So he went through a process of learning and obeying til he eventually just knew it was all true.

Is your conversion story similar? Let us know in the comments below!


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