Ian talks about what it’s like to be a kid in the Mormon church.

When Ian was 8 years old, he was baptized in the Mormon Church. He said that after a year, he finally learned about the Holy Ghost. Ian was warned by the Holy Ghost not to go along on a car trip. Had he gone, he would have been involved in a serious accident that could have killed him. He learned that the Holy Ghost protects people and brings peace.

Ian says that the gospel is a gospel of choices. He was never forced to go to Church or to live as a Mormon. He was taught by his parents about the blessings of the LDS Church, but he wasn’t forced to live the commandments. He decided on his own to read the Book of Mormon.

When Ian read the Book of Mormon, he prayed about the Book of Mormon and knew that it was true, though at first he was scared that it might not be. But Ian said he felt so much light and happiness when he prayed, that he could not deny that the Book of Mormon was true.

When Ian was 16 years old, he was watching the World Series in 2009 when his dad left to do an interview at a church building. Ian went to sleep but was awakened by the police, who informed him that his mom had filed a Missing Person’s report. The next day, while Ian was at school, he was called down to the office and informed that his dad had passed away.

He said he felt so much sadness and darkness. He didn’t want to believe it. He told his mom that everything was going to be okay but he was still confused. He had to figure out if what he was taught was indeed true—he was going to live with his family after death. He felt the Holy Ghost tell him to calm down. All of his anger left instantly after he felt the comfort of the Holy Ghost.

Growing up in the Church does not mean that someone is indoctrinated.

The gospel is an invitation. Pray to know if the things that you are reading are true.

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