Al Fox Carraway describes her experience as a Mormon Convert. She Has many experiences that brought her to the LDS church and she shares them with the 3 Mormons.

Al Fox learned for herself that the Mormon Church was the Church of God. She has had many experiences that have taught her that God is real and that He loves His children. Through her conversion, Al Fox has become a popular LDS figure and speaker and she even wrote her own book called the “Tattooed Mormon”!

As she converted to the LDS Church, Carraway talks about how her perspective on family completely changed. She shares that dating was difficult for her, but she was able to find her husband and is married and has two kids of her own and is a firm believer that families can be together forever.

Through her conversion, Al Fox learned new things like a “Ward” is a group of members, a “Stake” is not food, and how to sing hymns in church! These are some of the many new things about the Mormon Church that she learned.

Al Fox Carraway has shared her thoughts on her conversion to Mormonism, and we want to hear what you think! Do you have stories from your own conversion? Comment below and share with us your thoughts!

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