The 3 Mormons sit down with Bri Ray from “American Idol.” The four of them discuss Mormons and Music and Bri’s background in the LDS church. Bri grew up in the Mormon church and loved music from the start. Her dad was raised Baptist and was converted to the Mormon Church, and because of that Bri was raised on Gospel music. She also says that LDS hymns plays a big role in her music life.

Bri chose to audition for “American Idol” because the producers from the show sent her an email to audition for the show. Being on the show she said that she would hang around other contestants that were Mormon as well and that helped her as she strived to live her religion. Bri says that content is the most important thing to decide what music is good to listen to and what music is not. She says that you need to have good feelings when you are listening to specific types of music.

It can be hard to live LDS standards but when choosing music it’s always important to follow the spirit. Bri and the 3 Mormons give their take on music and what types of music you should and shouldn’t listen to.

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