The 3 Mormons discuss why it’s important to vote, gaining an educated political opinion, and protecting religious freedom. Who will Mormons vote for in this election?

What does the Mormon Church say about voting? Shelley provides insight on the topic saying that the Church has said Voting is a privilege and responsibility to select candidates that we believe will represent our community and society as a whole.

Kwaku says that it’s important to go to candidates’ websites and research their policies. It may surprise you that that a candidate has opinions that you actually agree with and you may change your mind and vote for that person.

The Mormon Church has always had a firm stance on our freedom of religion in this country. “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is neutral in regard to party politics and election campaigns, however, it is not neutral in relation to religious freedom.” This statement was given in response to a political opinion of a presidential candidate and his call for a ban on all Muslims entering into the United States. We as Mormons have the responsibility and privilege to vote to protect the Constitution and all aspects of it things like religious freedom.

Ian believes that Americans can be anyone. They can come from any background, any race, and any religion be it Catholic, Mormon, or Muslim. It doesn’t matter because that is what America is all about. We should be accepting of all people.

The 3 Mormons have many different opinions on the topic of politics but they want to hear from you! Comment below and tell us what you think and if you agree with these Mormons’ Perspectives on politics, freedoms, and everything in-between!

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