Check out Ian, Shelly, and Kwaku, in the YouTube show “3 Mormons” as they discuss Mormon modesty and share opinions and insight on what it really means to be modest in today’s world!

The 3 Mormons dive into the hot topic of modesty and its place in the many different aspects of life. All 3 give their take on swimsuits and immodest clothing and what men and women should and should not wear during certain activities.

Shouldn’t your testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ affect how you dress everywhere you go and in everything you do?

Shelly sure thinks so! She believes that Latter-day prophets have outlined what it means to be modest in everyday living and that our testimony and living the gospel should reflect what we wear.

Ian believes that modesty is and should ultimately be your intent. For example, he says that when people go to the beach, they should go to enjoy the beach and not show off their bodies. When dressing for different activities, people should do so with the right intent.

Kwaku says internal modesty is the script, and physical modesty is the television show. The script affects what the show is and what you’re going to see. It all comes down to the fact that what you truly believe internally will show by what you wear.

These three have many different opinions on the subject of Mormon modesty and they stand by those opinions in this hilarious video. What is your stance on Mormon modesty? Do you agree with Ian, Shelly, or Kwaku? Comment below and tell us your thoughts!

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