The LDS Church has counseled against dating before age 16. But why? And are there exceptions to the rule?

Justin explains that when he was young, he was very strict about not dating before he turned 16. But this made others curious as to why he had such a strange standard. He would explain that the prophets in the Mormon Church had counseled against dating before mature feelings have developed. This counsel is found in the Strength of Youth Pamphlet from the LDS Church.

Kwaku, not being a member of the Church until he turned 18, says he wishes he would have had this dating counsel when he was young. He talks about his high school experience and how he dated people that weren’t good for him. He frequently looks back and wonders why he ever put up with the horrible experiences he had.

David mentions how this counsel isn’t just old, white guy counsel that is out of touch with reality. He speaks from a millennial point of view, that avoiding serious dating at a young age saves a lot of trouble. David says it pays to wait to date.

What do you think? Is this counsel important or outdated? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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