One thing about dating tips for guys — they’re controversial. Especially when girls see them. We’ll see how this goes.

Kwaku of 3 Mormons is a pretty popular guy and experienced dater (which is so different than being a player, trust me), so he’s loading us up with his best advice. See if you agree.

Here are a few examples:

  • Use all the dating apps (especially Bumble—watch the video to see why)
  • Never say “you’re so beautiful” right off the bat (Kwaku tells you what you should say).
  • Don’t wax poetic at the beginning (that’s just weird).
  • Don’t text back too fast (Kwaku tells you exactly how long to wait—kinda).
  • “Hey” is not a greeting and actually has no meaning.
  • You really need to be interesting, also respectful.
  • Learn the advantages of a “simple” first date.

Pretty good, huh? Watch the video to learn more, then comment here or on YouTube.