Mimi has been a member of 3 Mormons for awhile now and we’ve LOVED having her 🙂 She brings an element of happiness and love that we don’t know how we lived without.

In this episode, Mimi shares her conversion story — how she came to have a testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ found in the LDS (Mormon) Church. Mimi talks about growing up in a single-parent family and the difficulties that came with consistently going to Church due to her circumstances. Mimi says that up until she began Seminary in 9th grade, she didn’t have a full conviction of the gospel in the LDS Church. When she began going to Seminary and learning from the scriptures, her testimony began to grow.

Mimi has a STRONG testimony of the Book of Mormon and encourages everyone to read it day by day. If you need a copy of the Book of Mormon, go here to request a free copy: mormon.org

Mimi’s Mom (Pam) shared her conversion story a few weeks ago! Check it out:


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