Guess what? Mimi’s mom is a Mormon convert! That is right, not all Mormon’s are born Mormon. Mimi invited her mom to come on the show with us to talk about her conversion story and how she came to find the church.

Mimi’s mom (Pam) talks to us about her growing up in Hawaii. Listen along as she explains what it is like growing up trying to find a good religion with her family. Later on, she finds the Mormon missionaries.

Many of you might be looking into the Mormon church. If you are, watch this video! Tons of things can happen during the process of discovering what being a Mormon is all about. Just like Pam talks about, there are ups and downs, good and bads.

If you are looking into the church, tell us your thoughts. Are you feeling the same way that Mimi’s mom felt? And if you’re also a convert, tell us how your experience was similar/different than Pams 🙂


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