The 3 Mormons discuss what is appropriate for Mormons to do and wear for the Halloween season and also do hilarious impressions. Check it out!

Shelley doesn’t think that it should be such a big deal that when this time of the year rolls around, that girls should have pumpkin spice in everything, and wear leggings and Ugg boots!

Ian disagrees, because he looks forward to this time of year so he can have pumpkin pie, eat lots of candy, and wear his flannel shirts! He thinks that pumpkin flavored anything is awesome. Ian also believes that Mormons can celebrate Halloween and that there is nothing wrong with that. He also doesn’t think that watching a scary or thriller movie isn’t a big deal and that we shouldn’t worry about that.

Kwaku, Shelley, and Ian all agree that some Halloween costumes are inappropriate and shouldn’t be worn. Halloween shouldn’t be an excuse for people to start dressing immodestly and inappropriately.

The 3 Mormons have different opinions on how Mormons celebrate Halloween, but we want to hear from you! Comment below and tell us your thoughts!

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