BYU Creamery is special in many ways. It’s a small, college operated grocery store when few colleges have grocery stores of their own. It’s a multi-location creamery selling dairy products produced by the university. And the ice cream is delicious, coming in tens of flavors.

Established in 1949, the BYU Creamery started out providing milk for the campus. Soon, it began to sell other university-produced dairy products. Now it sells its own products and brings in grocery items from outside. Low markup and foods oriented toward student life reflect the unique clientele, as does the soda fountain atmosphere.

The Creamery accepts dining plan cards from students, guaranteeing that ice cream is included in their college experience. The Creamery’s website includes recipes and an online magazine with all sorts of cooking and shopping tips.

The Creamery has four locations in Provo — Creamery on Ninth East, Helaman Creamery, Wyview Creamery, and the Creamery Outlet.

Yummy Ice Cream

byu creamery serving cone

via Daily Herald

Diners agree BYU Creamery makes superb ice cream:

“Whether you eat graham canyon or another flavor, the BYU Creamery produces the finest ice cream in all the world. An ice cream destined to fill the earth with it’s creamy goodness, this ice cream will taste on every tongue and usher in the Millennium” (Brian T. on

“The flavors are awesome, and the ice cream is so creamy! You can either get it at the ice cream bar which is almost always crowded or you can go to the freezers in the back of the grocery section and get a half-gallon of your choosing. The quality is just as good, except better because you can eat it from home for days” (Porter H. on!

“…once you’ve tried their Graham Canyon, you’ll know what a 5 star flavor tastes like.  With an always friendly student staff, very generous portions, and great prices, this is a no brainer.  Very deserving of an A+ grade” (André H. on

The Taste Test

The 3 Mormons took a taste test, but in every case, a nasty (when combined with ice cream) condiment was added to one cup. Watch this hilarious episode. Then go out and get an ice cream in a flavor you really like.