David and Mimi answer a difficult question in today’s episode: Is what I’m feeling the Spirit? How do I know when I’m feeling the Holy Ghost?

Mormons talk about ‘feeling the Spirit’ quite frequently. Mimi points out that an important thing to recognize is that God speaks to us through the Spirit, so it’s ever important to recognize the Spirit.

David said that he isn’t always able to recognize when he IS feeling the Spirit but he always recognizes when he is NOT feeling the Spirit. While some people have experiences of feeling the Spirit intensely, many others feel the Spirit quietly.

David goes on to say that he often feels the spirit in retrospect. Elder Richard G. Scott said, “The Holy Ghost communicates important information that we need to guide us in our earthly journey.” He continues to say that revelation is crisp, clear, and essential but that all other good that propels us forward is inspiration. In both cases, we are feeling the Spirit.

If you are living the best you can, you can trust that you will be inspired (though you might not realize it until afterwards).

Mimi mentions some thoughts by Elder Bednar in which he talks about the different types of light and relates them to revelation. Sometimes we receive revelation quickly, sometimes gradually, and sometimes it’s hard to detect the revelation at all. But as long as we are acting on the positive promptings we are feeling, as long as we are living the best we can, we’ll be able to decipher the Spirit.

Do you have a specific way in which you recognize the Spirit? Let us know in the comments below!


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