In this episode, Mimi, David, and Kwaku talk about what to expect when a Mormon prays as well as why we pray the way we pray.

While many elements of a Mormon prayer are the same as in other prayers, there are a few unique things you might notice (just remember that God listens to all of his children so if you’ve prayed differently than how Mormons pray, your prayer isn’t invalid).

-We don’t open our prayers by addressing Jesus. We believe that we are talking to God the Father so we address him. We close the prayer in Jesus’s name.
-We don’t recite our prayers unless they are ordinance prayers (for example, you’ll hear the same prayer recited during the Sacrament on Sunday).
-We don’t have specific hours in which we pray. Prayer is more spontaneous.
-We believe anyone can pray, not matter how ‘worthy.’ In fact, when you feel the most unworthy, perhaps praying is the best thing you can do.
-Sometimes you’ll hear old English language (thee, thou, thine). Those who pray this way typically do so out of respect.
-It is normal to be silent while someone else is saying a prayer aloud. You usually won’t hear ‘amens’ from the congregation.

Again, while Latter-day Saints pray a certain way, God hears his children regardless. Your prayers haven’t been invalid because of the way in which you’ve prayed.

Did you learn something new from this episode? What did you learn the first time you heard a Mormon prayer? Let us know in the comments below!


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