If Mormons believe in the necessity of being baptized in the LDS Church, does that mean they believe that everyone else is going to go to hell?!

The short answer is no, we do not believe that everyone who isn’t Mormon is going to go to hell. In fact, if hell is referred to as fire and brimstone and endless torment, we believe that VERY few people will be cursed to such a punishment. We also believe that not everyone baptized into the Mormon Church will end up in the highest ‘degree of glory’ (to live with God). It takes faith, diligence, and devotion to God to end up with Him in the end.

*We know this episode wasn’t as well organized as it probably should have been and that it might leave you with more questions that it has answered… PLEASE let us know your questions so we can clarify them (either comment below or DM us on Instagram). We will likely make a second episode to clarify anything you might be wondering 🙂


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