Are Mormons Christian? The 3 Mormons discuss why Mormons are Christian with Stacey, the star actor from Studio C. Check out this episode of 3 Mormons!

The 3 Mormons each take turns asking Stacey questions about his life as a Christian, being a part of Studio C, his embarrassing moments, and his celebrity crushes, and his favorite Apostles and Prophets. Stacey and the 3 Mormons also discuss their thoughts about why Mormons are Christian and what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ.

Mormons easily meet the definition of a Christian as implicitly defined in the New Testament: they believe that ancient prophets foretold Christ’s coming, that Jesus Christ suffered for our transgressions, that he was put to death but rose from the dead, that through him we may obtain forgiveness of our sins, and that he will come again in glory.

Stacey believes a Mormon is a Christian, a follower of Christ and one who seeks after his teachings. Jesus Christ is fundamental to the Mormon religion and doctrine. Without Jesus Christ we have no religion. Everything we believe as Mormons hinges on Jesus and what he taught.

Stacey discusses how being on Studio C and being in the comedy realm can be uplifting and edifying. Making people happy is a great gift you can give to people.

Mormons are Christian, and not only does this mean that we believe in Jesus Christ and his teachings, but we also strive to have the same qualities associated with Jesus Christ: kindness, compassion, love, fairness, and decency.

Stacey from Studio C and the 3 Mormons have many thoughts about what it means to be Christian. But they want to hear from you! What are your thoughts?

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