How do you keep the Sabbath day holy? The 3 Mormons discuss their views on Sabbath day observance and what we should do to keep the Sabbath day holy.

Shelley believes that Sunday is God’s day. All of the things that we do on the Sabbath day should relate back to God and be the kinds of things that God would want us to do on the Sabbath. She believes that going out to eat and watching sports on Sundays is wrong.

Because there is a time set aside on Monday nights for Family Home Evening, we can eat out and watch sports during those times, instead of on Sundays.

Kwaku thinks that on Sunday you should be reading your scriptures, dedicating time to the Lord, and providing service to others. That service can come from many different opportunities like cleaning, home and visiting teaching, or serving the homeless. He believes those are things that anyone can do while keeping the Sabbath day holy.

Ian believes that you need to try your hardest to work 5 or 6 days of the week, and not be working on the Sabbath day to dedicate that time to the Lord. There are times that you may need to work on Sundays to provide for your family or for other reasons, but do everything you can to keep Sundays separate from the week as a sacred day for you.

All 3 agree that whether you have a Priesthood duty, Relief Society opportunity, or church calling to serve others, you absolutely do it, especially on Sundays!

The 3 Mormons recognize that they, like many people, struggle at times to keep the Sabbath day holy but that it’s still important to follow this important commandment. The importance of the Sabbath day is something we all need to recognize and do our best to improve our Sabbath day worship.

They have many opinions on how to keep the Sabbath day holy, but what do you think? Do you agree with Shelley, Kwaku, or Ian? Comment below and tell us your thoughts!

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