“This week on 3 Mormons, Ian and Kwaku read your comments! Did your comment make the cut?
The 3 Mormons talk about dating Mormon missionaries, Mormon temples, becoming like God, and more.
Ian mentions how Mormons don’t necessarily believe that becoming like God means having a planet. Mormons actually know very little about what ‘becoming like God’ will entail.
Kwaku says that Mormons don’t believe the Bible is false. The LDS Church believes the Bible as revelation and teach many classes on the Bible.
Ian and Kwaku talk about one of their favorite parts of being on 3 Mormons: the battle between Atheists, Evangelicals, and others. Atheists will comment and then anti-Mormons will comment and then the battle between the many sects commences!
Ultimately, the 3 Mormons love your comments. Keep commenting.