Funny things kids say about their moms for Mother’s Day. The 3 Mormons hosts Kwaku and Ian invite Elijah and Lochlan on the show to express their love for their mom on Mother’s Day.

Lochlan is in Kindergarten and he loves to do math. He can solve some series equations and can dab like a pro. Also, he dressed like Luigi unintentionally for the show. Can he get more cool? Well, yes indeed. The second he starts talking, Ian melts. Lochlan says that he loves his mom (even though she just cooks “good enough”). He loves that she plays Ticket to Ride with him.

Elijah says that the most important thing he learned from his mom is to always tell the truth. Kwaku agrees that telling the truth is important except under certain conditions.

Kwaku says that his mom taught he to be inquisitive. He says that his mother encouraged him to embrace diversity. And lastly, Kwaku’s mom is beautiful.

Moms, WE LOVE YOU! We love your strength, your wisdom, and your love. Have a spectacular Mother’s Day.

Also, don’t forget to tell us what you love most about your mom! Has she taught you something powerful or maybe led by great example? Let us know in the comments below!


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