Kwaku and Ian of the 3 Mormons talk about fatherhood.

Kwaku dresses up like a business professional while Ian dresses up like an outdoorsy adventurer. They emphasize that fathers come in many different shapes, sizes, talents, and more.

Ian and Kwaku start off by telling some hilarious dad jokes. The jokes involve alligators, Bill Nye the Science Guy, gravity, doctors, dabbing, and other truly funny subjects. You really don’t want to miss these hilarious jokes.

Kwaku says that he thinks fatherhood is diminished in public opinion right now. People do not view fatherhood as essential as it is. He argues that not all dads are bad dads like Homer Simpson.

Ian says that even in the media, fathers are considered dumb guys. But in reality, fathers can nurture and love, as well as provide and protect. He says that fatherhood includes being a steward over the family.

Kwaku says that macho traits aren’t what constitute a man. Jokingly, he says that Tom Hardy and Dog the Bounty Hunter are men. Ultimately though, the perfect example of fatherhood and manhood is the Savior.

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