The 3 Mormons discuss the Millennial Generation and the positives and negatives that are associated with it. Why are millennials awesome? Why are they not so awesome?

Kwaku believes that the rise of secularism is a rough spot for the millennial generation. He believes that religion in society is very important and that if we don’t have those things, we slowly cease to have that goal of what a society should be. And because of that we will become more selfish, prideful, and the family unit will break.

Ian asks the important question: “Is chivalry dead?” where Shelly is quick to respond with a confident “Yes.” Shelly has noticed that whether men open doors for women depends on whether the man is interested in the woman. She also thinks that that is a millennial thing, and that in her experience older men will open the door for her but the men her own age will not. She believes that this is an important thing that all millennials and people everywhere should do. Open doors for women!

Ian believes that because we lived with our Heavenly Father before this life, we were taught correct principles. Now, in this life, we can receive revelation from Him (which are those same correct principles from our previous life) to better ourselves and the millennial generation. Ian also says that because millennial entitlement is an epidemic afflicting many people, we need to pair ourselves with the spirit of God. By doing that, we will be able to live above the Millennial stereotype of entitlement and laziness, and get things done!

Now it is your turn! Do you agree with Ian, Shelly, or Kwaku?

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