There are many, many families whose members represent different religious beliefs. There are also some who have left the Mormon religion to join another religious sect but have been deeply judged for their change.

Today we invited Jaxon Washburn on the show to talk about interfaith, specifically in regards to the Mormon religion. Jaxon is well-known among Mormon millennials for his well-thought opinions and beliefs. He represents a large portion of millennials who perhaps don’t align with mainstream Mormonism but are still faithful, active members of the LDS Church. Jaxon shares a personal experience about his mom who left the Mormon Church and how to this day, he continues to regard her as a great example of courage and devotion.

Kwaku and Justin comment that though they know that the restoration of the gospel is true and incredibly important, Mormons must make a greater effort to love those who have left the LDS Church and those who have decided not to join the LDS Church. Jesus Christ taught us to love, regardless of religion or any other differing belief. While it’s important to share the gospel, it must be done with love and faith.

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