Have you ever wondered what happens in Mormon temples? 3 Mormons discuss the sacredness of what goes on inside a temple of the Mormon Church.

Shelley puts it best when she says that the main goal of the Mormon Church isn’t for people not to know what goes on inside the temple. We as a church want everyone to know what goes on and to receive the same blessings we do. The Mormon Church and all its members invite everyone to take and read a free copy of The Book of Mormon, to visit with Mormon Missionaries to learn more about our Church and the Temple!

What is the difference between secret and sacred? This question is discussed when Shelley and Ian go to the campus of Brigham Young University to discuss with other Mormons about their thoughts on the temple and the sacredness of it. Each Mormon member they talk to gives insight to the matter of secret vs. sacred and that the things we do inside the temple are sacred and bring us closer to our Heavenly Father.

Kwaku talks about when Christ did teach certain things to his Apostles that he didn’t teach to other people. The same goes for the temple. When Mormons enter into the temple they are taught sacred principles and lessons that are to bless their lives.

The 3 Mormons have many thoughts an opinions on the sacredness of temples, but we want to hear from you! Comment below and tell us your thoughts!

Check out the podcast audio below:

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