Today we had the great privilege of filming with Kelsey Edwards, a musician, model, and actress! Kelsey came on the show to talk about what to expect when going through a Mormon temple for the first time. Scroll down for the links to her awesome projects. 🙂

Kelsey talks about how, while the temple is awesome, her first experience was a little bit difficult. “I was very intimidated,” she says. “It’s a little different than what you expect… there’s a lot of symbolism.” But after attending again, she felt more at home. She’s not alone in her experience; many of you may have experienced something similar. And that’s okay!

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon Church) builds temples all over the world. There are over 150 temples worldwide with more under construction.

When a member of the LDS Church turns 12 years old, if they are worthy, they can enter the temple and perform baptisms for the dead. Nope, this doesn’t involve actual dead bodies, just the names of people who have died. When someone is older (there is no age requirement, necessarily), they can choose to make additional covenants in the temple so long as they are worthy.

One very cool element of the temple is the temple sealing. In a sealing, a couple and family can be ‘sealed’ (or joined together) for time and all eternity. This means that even in the afterlife, they have the potential of being with one another.

What was your first time entering the temple like? Did you have a hard time with some things or was your experience perfect? Let us know in the comments below!

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