The LDS Church is slowly releasing a series of books, called ‘Saints,’ about the history of the Mormon church. Today we talk about chapter 4 of the first book.

Joseph Smith has long been under attack for ‘treasure hunting.’ While this statement is true, it’s not really a reason for attack, as said by Mimi. Joseph and his father were hired by a man named Josiah to help him look for a buried treasure on his property. He offered good wages and a share of the findings. Joseph helped but eventually convinced Josiah to stop searching.

We also talk about the romance between Emma Hale and Joseph Smith. Emma’s parents were very opposed to her marriage with Joseph but Emma went against the wishes of her parents and married Joseph, despite his poverty and frequent ‘visions.’ Emma and Joseph lived with Joseph’s parents while Joseph continued in establishing the Church. Emma helped greatly in retrieving the plates, translating the plates, and establishing the Church.

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