On September 22nd, 1827, Joseph Smith retrieved the golden plates that were later translated into the Book of Mormon. There are many people outside of the LDS Church who wonder if Joseph Smith was the only person who saw the golden plates, considering his frequent concealing of the plates. We know from the first few pages into the Book of Mormon that there were at least 11 witnesses to the golden plates, besides Joseph Smith.

Read their full testimonies below!!

Testimony of the 3 witnesses: https://ift.tt/1QRXHJ0
Testimony of the 8 witnesses: https://ift.tt/2iXkl7v

Kwaku, David, and Mimi talk about a few of the men who were able to see the golden plates and who never denied their testimonies, even after falling away from the Mormon Church.

Have you read the testimonies of the witnesses? What do their testimonies mean to you? Share with us in the comments below!


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