I’ve been a Christian my entire life. But, in May of last year, I felt further from God than ever before, this went on to the degree I doubted whether He was still there. For a couple weeks, all prayer, all scripture reading stopped as I wasn’t getting anything out of them. Then, round about May 28 – give or take a couple days – I prayed to know if He is there, and to see Him for who He truly is. I wanted to know it all, I wanted to know exactly who He was and who Christ was. I wanted the void to be filled. The very next week, I met the missionaries on Facebook through a friend I hadn’t spoken to in over three years, and wasn’t particularly close with in the first place. I’d helped them in their French class at school when they were a first year and I was a sixth year. That was the extent of it, and they asked if I wanted to be in a group chat to talk about Jesus with people. I pretty much said “Sure, why not?”

I realized immediately they were missionaries of the church, and “knew” I wouldn’t believe them, but I was eager to hear what they had to say. The missionaries were so loving and kind. They took time to answer my (endless) questions and eventually, I said I wanted to meet them in person. We went for a walk, and the next week I started learning properly.

Up until this point, all I knew of Joseph Smith was what I’d seen in the Book of Mormon musical. But, through months of learning and prayer I realized he was a prophet of God and it’s all true. Jesus is the Christ. He leads the world today through prophets, seers, and revelators. The gospel was restored to its fullness through the Prophet Joseph.

This led to some major divides with some people in my family. People at my previous church didn’t shy away from the fact they think I’m going to hell now.

Knowing that joining the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints would lead to the loss of many friendships and relationships was difficult. But I knew the best path is always to follow Heavenly Father, even if you have to do so alone.

In the end, I was baptized March 27, 2021. All the blessings I’ve received from His bounteous hand far outweigh any sacrifice I had to make. There is nothing anybody could offer which would cause me to change the decision I have made to be a member of Christ’s true church. I am eternally grateful.

Andrew Lamont


March 27, 2021