Pornography is all over the place. It plagues so many lives and is incredibly addictive. Justin says that pornography is evil and works in secrecy. It thrives in shame.

Satan takes advantage of the powerful gifts that God has given us (the power of procreation) and tricks us into believing false things about those gifts. One of those trickeries is pornography.

David says that we all know pornography isn’t of God. He said that we need to move past our focus on the fact that it’s bad but to focus on repentance and change.

If you are addicted to pornography, DON’T give up on yourself. Do not feel like you are weak. Everyone on this earth is imperfect and it’s our great opportunity to repent and change. Repenting, as David said, is a battle. But God works miracles.

What are your thoughts about overcoming pornography?


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