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Are Feelings a Source of Truth?

When people first learn about The Book of Mormon, our missionaries will generally ask them to do 3 things: Read it, think about it, and ask God with real intent if it is what it claims to be. The promise is that at some point and in some...

Mormon Beliefs about Suicide

There’s a myth in the religious world, even among Latter-day Saints, that if someone takes their own life, it’s a one-way ticket to an eternal Hell. That’s simply not true. Suicide is tragic. If you haven’t been affected by it yet, chances...

Why don’t Mormons Drink COFFEE?

OK, so if you’re at all familiar with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, you probably already know that members of the Church don’t smoke or do other recreational drugs, and they don’t drink alcohol ……. coffee, or tea. We...

What Happens after Death?

Oh, hello there. Welcome back to the Faith and Beliefs segment of the show. Today we’re going to cover another chunk of the Plan of Salvation, or God’s plan to help us get back home to Him. If you haven’t seen the video covering the first...